Legal Statement
  • General Rules

    (1) China Steel Fabricators ( is the official website for Shanghai LIYU Steel Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Liyu”). This website is only for personal and non-commercial use. All users should carefully read the statement and abide by the laws and regulations on Internet. Once you have used this website, including but not limited to browse the website, download the content of website, and use the links to third-party sites provided by this website, that is, you have understood and totally agreed with all the statements and been willing to undertake all the risks and legal liability when browsing this website.

    (2) The content of legal notices may subject to change. Users should pay attention to such content when using this website, and we shall not assume the notification obligation.

  • Terms of Service

    (1) The services, the content and the information on this website are provided on an "as is" basis without any warranty or condition (express or implied), including but not limited to implied warranties or guarantee on accuracy, timeliness and non-infringement.

    (2) This website only provides relevant internet content services. The possible network costs incurred shall be charged by telecom operators.

    (3) The information cited or linked on our website is intended for providing convenience for users. The linked websites, the content on this website as well as products or services are uncontrollable for Liyu. Thus, Liyu will not take charge of any such website and the content, products or services on such website (including further links to third-party websites). The users should bear all the possible results and risks arising from browsing the third-party websites.

  • Use of Website Content

    (1) Any unit or individual who thinks the content of this website may infringe upon their lawful rights or interests should submit a written notice of the right in time with identity certification documents, proof of ownership, specific link (URL) and detailed proof of infringement to Liyu.

  • Exclusion Clause

    (1) This website shall not be responsible for any loss of the user or the third-party, including but not limited to the data loss, or the loss due to replica or download information from this website whether it is based on warranty, contact, infringement action, illegal act, any other legal theory or the possibility of such damages that the website has already prompted in advance.

    (2) This website is entitled to manage and monitor the information and comments that the users upload and publish in this website in accordance with national laws and regulations, rules, forum rules, and the software center rules, but we shall not take any responsibility.

    (3) This website will provide the user profiles to the government agencies in accordance with the laws or for the purpose of public safety agencies without assuming any responsibility due to the relevant right and requirement of government agencies based on laws and administrative regulations.

  • Application of Laws

    (1) Any dispute incurred by this legal notice or use of this website shall be subject to the laws of PRC.

    (2) Any dispute incurred by this legal notice or use of this website shall be solved through consultation. If consultation fails, either party shall agree to pursuit a lawsuit in the People’s Court where the Yilu belongs.

  • Miscellaneous

    (1) Despite of reasonable measures taken for avoiding computer viruses on web pages, however, there is no absolutely perfect safety measurement. Thus, we shall not make any absolute guarantee for such computer viruses. The users shall take proper safety precautions by themselves. We shall not assume any responsibility for computer viruses.

    (2) This website reserves the right to explain and interpret this legal notice within the boundary of the laws.

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