Company Profile

China Head Office

Shanghai LIYU Steel Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai LIYU) is a technology-advanced steel structural engineering management company in China. Shanghai LIYU is affiliated with many of the largest steel fabricators in China, providing technological support and product solutions for steel fabricators, trade suppliers and requested customers in different countries and regions. LIYUCSF, the information platform of Shanghai LIYU, gathers China’s top 20 steel fabricators together, while LIYU Technology yearly provides its collaborating companies with professional technical services in the aspects of international system certification, project fabrication,etc.

Pakistan Office 

In the May of 2017, LIYU Steel and Pacific Engineering jointly founded LIYU Pacific Steel Engineering (PVT.) LTD. This company aims to connect the Pakistan with the world, and also radiate some areas include South Asia. Taking advantage of the 30-year experience of steel structural process and technical development in China, this new company strives to provide technical support, project management and product solutions for trade manufacturers and demanded customers in steel structural projects. As for the company’s project operation, professionals in Pakistan are responsible for market development and business operation, while personnel in China are in charge of the quality of steel structural project fabrication and technology. Both parties greatly expect to seek common development under the principle of “sincere cooperation, mutual benefit”.

The company is located in Karachi, Pakistan


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