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PVG Satellite Hall
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On September 16th, 2019, PVG Satellite Hall has been put into use, which is the main part of Pudong Airport Expansion (Phase III), and also the largest single satellite hall in the world by now. This satellite hall, with the total building area of 622,000 sqm, is located in the south part of PVG T1 and T2. Meanwhile, it is consisted of S1 and S2 with the shape of “I”, which served for departure, arrival and transit. The designed capacity of passengers of this hall is 38 million people. The combination of T1 and S1 serves for China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and SkyTeam Airline Alliance, while the combination of T2 and S2 serves for China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, HO Airlines, Spring Airlines, Star Airline Alliance, Oneworld Airline Alliance, etc.

Steel Structure for PVG Satellite Hall mainly includes 4 parts: boarding bridge, glass clad, triangle roof, and metal roof covering. The thickness of steel plate used for this project is from 6mm to 60mm, and the total steel consumption reaches to 33,000t. Additionally, boarding bridges involved in this project can be divided into single bridge, shear bridge, combined bridge and converter bridge. In particular, steel structural converter bridge for airport is firstly used in China, while the steel for a single bridge can reach to 300t. The total number of converter bridge is 35, all of which are pre-fabricated in the workshop and sent to the site for assembly. The main building of satellite hall adopts the glass-clads, and the steel structure for supporting exposed to the weather, extending to 6km in length.


New 90 boarding bridges are added for Putong Airport since the establishment of the satellite hall, and the bridge rate for flights improved from 50% to 90%. In addition, the satellite hall has a 28,000 sqm of commercial area, including 100 stores, 55 restaurants and 4 financial divisions.