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Taiyuan South Middle Ring Bridge
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The South Middle Ring Bridge is the significant channel for Fenhe River of Taiyuan City, connecting the South Middle Ring Street in the east and the South Middle Ring West Street in the west. This bridge has 8 lanes with 2 ways. The total length of this bridge is 2,608 m, which is divided into 3 parts, namely, east approach bridge, main bridge and west approach bridge, while the total investment is about 650 million RMB. The main bridge is 300 m in length and its span is 180 m. Additionally, standardized width for the bridge is 52.5 m, while the widest one is 71 m. The west approach bridge, with the length of 1,114.74 m, adopts the elevated structure.

Main bridge of this project adopts the continuous truss-arch typed structure, the span of which is “60m+180m+60m”. Additionally, the bridge’s largest longitudinal wave is 1.0%,  and its seismic intensity is 8 degrees. Beam depth of the central bridge deck is 3.0 m, including steel beam (2.75 m in height) and concrete plate (0.25 m in height), while the width of beam bottom is 47.2 m and the thickness of bottom plate is 25 mm. The box beam has 6 web plates with the thickness of 25 mm. The main arch rib is 3.5 m in height, shaped as sectional dumbbell. Besides, the upper steel pipe is 1.0 m in height and 2.0 m in width, while the bottom steel pipe is 1.0 in height and 1.5 m in width. The main arch axis uses the mode of quadratic parabola.