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One Proposal for Milan Stadium
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Recently, one of the proposals for Milan Stadium has been unveiled, this stadium will be equipped with 60,000 seats, which will be a brand-new home for both AC Milan and FC Internazionale, the ambitious project would also see the redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood. Located on the historic San Siro grounds, the district will be active 365 days a year, with priority given to safety, security, and sustainability. This mixed-use urban neighborhood will be dedicated to sports, entertainment, and shopping facilities.

AC Milan and FC Internazionale have shared a stadium in San Siro for more than 70 years,’ says Paolo Scaroni, chairman of AC Milan. ‘The project’s strength is the two-club’s commitment together for the new Milano stadium. it means increased investments and a common goal to give the city a sports and entertainment district which is alive all year round thanks to events involving both teams and creating jobs for more than 3,500 people.’

According to its architect, the ‘cathedral’ scheme will ‘elevate standards in fan experience, stadium atmosphere and community engagement - delivering a new icon for Milano that is true to its people and honors its heritage.’ The design draws from two of Milan’s most recognizable buildings: the Duomo, the city’s landmark cathedral, and the galleria, the adjacent shopping arcade.

The stadium is designed to be one of the most sustainable in Europe. Naturally cooled and passively heated, its roof is topped with photovoltaic panels that generate electricity to be stored in battery banks for later use. Furthermore, all rainwater is collected from the canopy and reused. The stadium is surrounded by 22 acres of green space, which reduce water runoff and counteract the ‘heat island’ effect. Meanwhile, the entire district is connected to a central heating and cooling system.

Source: designboom