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Dalian International Conference CEN.
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Dalian International Conference Center is located in Donggang Business Area, occupying the land of 4.3 acres and its total building area is 146,800 sqm. Meanwhile, the total height of this project is 59 m, including 1 underground floor and 4 floors above the ground. This Conference Center contains multifunctional hall that can accommodate 2,000 people, service area, theater with 1,600 seats, small and medium-sized conference rooms.

This project has many cantilevers with large overhang space, such as the North Entrance of this Conference Center is about 40 m in distance. It is a large-spanned project with the maximum span of 110 m in roof cover. In addition, this project also has many conversions of vertical load-bearing components. There are 85,000 joints involved in this project, including 1,211 complicated joints and the whole length of steel structural welds reach to 360,000 m. Together with steel truss, the 14 cylindrical shells of this project form a big steel structural platform with large scale. Software such as SAP2000, ANSYS, STCAD are involved in this project. Additionally, this project adopts glass clad for its inner façade, while the outer façade is decorated with aluminum sheets (with 100,000 pieces). The size of these aluminum sheets is from 0.2 to 5 sqm for each piece.